Submission Rules & Information

Submit an original poem, song, or short essay on the your thoughts of 'Living in the World Today' SUBMISSIONS DUE by June 9, 2021. *if you experience issues uploading your file, please complete and submit the form, then email your file as an attachment to with the students name.

  1. Written submissions must be 25-150 words in .pdf format.

  2. Song submissions must be 2-5 minutes in MP4 format.

  3. Entries are being judged by qualified educators, poets, writers and musicians.

  4. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place WINNERS will be awarded a scholarship prize amount to apply towards their education, or student project (e.g. social justice, arts, environmental, etc.)

  5. ALL entrants may also participate in our publishing anthology project, as well as our upcoming 'Rhythm & Rhymes' production with recording artists and poets.

  6. Entries must express creative messages that reflect inspiration and positivity; no degrading or vulgarity accepted.

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Competition Submission

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